Charting Your Course for Success

Just as a ship uses the stars to navigate the waters, you have to have a definitive plan of action in order to get to where you want to go.  So you’re thinking about losing that baby weight that you put on and don’t know where to start?  Well let me guide you and give you a fresh perspective. 

Like you, I have had many struggles along this journey of life and although they were not weight related, I had to learn to over come them.  Everyone does, right?  But It’s how you cope with these issues and build up a resilience that supercedes anything you can imagine.  When you apply yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes, this is where you truly grow and become the person you were intended to be.

What I’m talking about is mindset.  We all have it but do you have a positive, successful one or a negative, downward dog one?  The power to choose which one lies right between your eyes and of course, in your heart. 

So ask yourself, this baby fat thing, how bad do I want to get rid of it?  Like, HOW BAD????  Does it keep you up and night?  Do you feel guilty that you gave in to the donut at the drive through this morning?  How about when it came to lunch?  Was the sweet sound of the vending machine calling your name instead of the creamy non fat Greek yogurt you diligently packed in your lunch today?  Are you obsessed with the bathroom scale only to find it budged only after you starved yourself for the day?  Come on ladies, let’s get real.  Let’s kick this bad boy where it hurts and keep him down forever!! 

First off, let’s start with some self lovin’.   Now, there’s 2 ways to handle this.  Have your last do or die meal of whatever it is your dying for to get it out of your system and let that be the end of the enemy forever OR I want you to find a quiet place to sit for 5 minutes and remember a time when you felt on top of the world.  Really, really felt that feeling of being alive, vibrant, unstoppable, successful.  Reach into the very essence of you and burn that feeling between the eyes and in your heart.  Sear it there forever!  YOU are a worthy, valuable person that has not escaped trial and tribulations but you know what?  THAT is about to change because you CAN HANDLE ANYTHING when equipped with the right tools and Body Health Coach is here with you every step of the way!  YOU are SUCCESSFUL in anything and everything you put your mind to!  Wow, just saying that gets me all fired up.  Everyday is such a gift with so many eye opening, heart felt moments to take in.  I know I never want to miss a thing because who knows what’s in store for me today.

I want you to feel this passion too!  Being a nutrition coach is not just about making a meal plan for someone and then act as a drill sargent to enforce it.  It’s about finding one’s unique awesomeness and helping them develop that awesomeness through their own strengths and desires.  I hope you decide to take this journey with Body Health Coach.  You will gain so much knowledge about all things nutrition and fitness and you didn’t need to go to school to learn it.  Most of the best things I have learned did NOT come from a classroom but through real life experiences and following mentors who knew what they were doing.  Lead by example and have a ton of fun doing it.

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So Proud to be Apart of the Movement!

This Zeal product is turning out to be nothing short of magnificent.  I messaged yesterday about my autistic daughter’s concentration levels and now I have my own testimony.  I broke my hand 4 years ago and for some weird reason, it has been throbbing for the last couple of weeks (can’t figure out why).  This is my (and my family’s) 5th day on Zeal and my hand literally does not hurt!.. The pain i…s gone!  Absolutely no indication that it was sore in the first place.  I have heard many testimonials over the past week…..kinda thinking, yeah right.  You have to see it to believe it.  I am so proud my clients are also taking the initiative even farther to optimize their health through proper nutrition on every level and to incorporate Zeal into their programs.  ……their testimonies to come………….join the movement, it will blow your mind.

Amazing Stuff Called Zeal

Adding more zeal to my life…………..what about you?  Decrease inflammation and get a fantastic energy boost ….much cleaner than RED BULL…..with super focus….so I’m getting even more work done than I thought possible……42 nutrients all rolled into one.  I add a scoop of protein powder to it and I am set to start my day.  It also helps get you through your demanding day flawlessly.  Want a free sample with zero strings attached?  All ya gotta do is message me and it is YOURS.

Zeal has hit Canada (and yep, I was MIA)

It is true.  Tried, tested and true.  Just like approximately 3/4 of bloggers out there, you go missing from time to time.  Life gets in the way.  Not in a bad way for me but just a darn busy one.  I have been engulfed (good analogy) in my work(s) for the past 8 months and while I have done that, I have had to contend with motherhood, a part time job, all the issues that life throws our way and starting not one, but two brand new businesses.  That’s a mouthful to say never mind type!  Ha!  I’m in a really crazy mood because amongst all the twists and turns of life, I am on top of the world!!!  After 8 long months of collaborating with a real pro on web content and design, I am proud to say it is lauching next Friday, March 22nd!  Peel me from the ceiling, I can’t believe it’s happening!! And to top it all off, I am millimetres away from quitting my part time job because MY part time job with the Zurvita company pays way more than the part time job does…..lots on that to come.  It’s not just that that excites me though.  It is the pure joy of doing what I was designed to do.  To help others in their nutrition adventures (yes, it is an adventure – just follow me and you’ll see what I mean) by becoming a healthier, more awesome you!  It isn’t necessarily about weight loss, although it is definitely one of my fortes, but with this one body you were given and take it to a level of health you never thought possible.  Everyone that just took the time to listen to my instructions and put them into action is a far more energetic, satisfied, happier self.

So I’m here to say I’m back in the saddle and it’s time to revolutionize the world one person at a time. 

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Cheers in Health to All!



Are Organic Foods Really Better For You?


This is a hot topic today.  Should we bother with organic foods or just say forget about it?

This article will hopefully debunk some myths for you and set things a little clearer.  In my honest opinion, I do like organic products/produce because for the most part, I know what I’m NOT getting.  Pesticides, insecticides, fillers, etc.  That alone is my peace of mind.  Enforcing people like you to adopt the 100 mile diet approach has it’s many benefits too.  Sustainability, support of our local farmers, cutting down on emissions and helping our planet survive and thrive does the body (and mind) good.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Many people buy organic foods thinking they’re better for them than their conventional cousins.  Yet findings from a new study – the most comprehensive analysis to date – casts doubt on this notion

 Stanford University researchersfound that  there’s no nutritional or safety differences between organic and conventional foods dispelling the belief that organic food is always healthier and more nutritious.

Organic foods are grown and harvested without the use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and irradiation.  Organic livestock are fed organic feed and are given access to the outdoors, fresh air and sunlight.

The review, published last month in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reviewed 237 studies – 17 human studies and 223 studies that compared nutrient and contaminant levels (bacterial, fungal and pesticide) in foods grown organically and conventionally.

There were no consistent differences in the vitamin content between organic and conventional produce.  Only one nutrient – phosphorus – was higher in organic versus conventional produce.  However, because a phosphorus deficiency is rare in North America, this finding is unlikely to be clinically important.

There was also no difference in the fat and protein content between organic and conventional milk. 

The analysis did, however, turn up some evidence that organic produce contains higher levels of phenols, phytochemicals though to have to have numerous health benefits. The review suggested that organic chicken and milk may contain more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional products. (Although studies examined raw milk, not pasteurized, )

The researchers found meager evidence that conventional foods posed greater health risks than their organic cousins. While organic produce was 30 percent less likely to be contaminated with pesticides than conventional produce, 7 percent of organic food samples contained pesticide residues.  The pesticide levels of both types of foods, however, fell within “safe” limits.

Hhhmmmm.  That’s not what we thought before.

Did you know pesticide residues that end up on organic produce can come from pesticides used in the past now cycling in the soil or water as well as spray drift from an unconventional farm down the road from the organic farm?

While two studies in the review found lower pesticide levels in the urine of children fed organic versus conventional diets, levels of urinary pesticides in both groups of children were below safety thresholds.

There was no difference in bacterial contamination between organic and conventional foods – both were commonly contaminated with Salmonella and Camplyobacter.  In fact, the results suggested that organic produce is more likely to be contaminated with E. coli.

Conventional chicken and pork had a higher risk of contamination with bacteria resistant to antibiotics.  However, the extent to which antibiotic use for livestock contributes to antibiotic resistant bacteria in people is always a debated topic.

This doesn’t mean you should stop eating organic foods. There are still valid reasons to  continue to choose organic over conventional that go beyond health.  

Now that’s food for thought!

Have a great day!


Strategic Effective Meal Cheating

12 Healthy Ways to Cheat on Your Diet

“Splurging on a diet is mandatory, not an option” says David NW. Grotto, RD, LD, author of 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life.

He states, there’s a difference between enjoying your favorite foods occasionally and eating everything you adore, he says. The key to maintaining control is deciding what you want and how much you’ll have, and then to “eat it with full consciousness”, licking your lips and then moving on.

If you are following the plan of eating 3 meals plus 2 snacks daily, that gives you 35 meals.  Out of those 35 meals, you can have 4 cheat meals (Friday and Saturday evenings plus trading 2 snack options during the week.)  the key is moderation and caution.  Again, how bad do you want to look better, feel better, function better, sleep better and have more energy?  Really, how bad?

 1.    Accept your “splurge foods.” Your desire for them isn’t going anywhere. And as we all know, when you tell people they can’t do something — like enjoy a slice of pie — they’re going to want to do it even more, cautions Grotto.

2.    Eat more filling foods. Load up your diet with foods that go the distance — those with lean protein and fiber. “Add eggs, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, salads, lean meats, seafood, and low fat dairy because these foods fill you up and help tame your appetite” says American Dietetic Association spokesperson Marisa Moore, RD.  For further cravings control, plan for healthy snacks so that you don’t go for long periods without eating. 

3.    Go for flavor hits. Whatever you love, buy it in its most intense and tasty form, says O’Neil. This way, you can have less of it, yet still get the flavor you crave. For example, are you crazy about salty snacks? Splurge on gourmet sea salt or chunky kosher salt, and sprinkle it over a ripe, red tomato. “You’ll have a more brilliant, bright flavor,” says O’Neil, “but a better salty hit and crunch — so you’ll use less.”

4.    Enjoy with all your senses. When you indulge in your diet splurge, serve it on a pretty plate with a colorful garnish so you can appreciate its eye appeal. “Eat your meals and snacks slowly by taking small bites so you can enjoy the taste and have a satisfying and mindful meal experience,” advises Brian Wansink, PhD, author of Mindful Eating. Being more aware of what is on your plate and eating it slowly can help you get more satisfaction from your food.

5.    Have a plan. “If you happen to be a dessert lover and eat out, ask to see the dessert menu first,” says O’Neil. This way, you can budget your calories for what matters most to you. Knowing where you’re really headed — toward that pecan torte, perhaps? — will make it easier to skip the creamy clam chowder or deep-fried cheese sticks.

6.    Eat only what you love. “If it’s bad [for your diet], it had better be good,” says O’Neil. So instead of grabbing a trio of donut holes each morning with your coffee — and distractedly downing a doughy 300 calories — splurge on something worth savoring, like a small, perfect wedge of creamy cheesecake.

7.    Make it yourself. Can’t enjoy your morning coffee without a muffin? Mix up your own batch, slipping in goodies like oats, nuts, and whole-grain flour. Love piping hot pizza? Try making it yourself, using intensely flavored toppings like goat cheese, smoked salmon, and fresh herbs. You won’t even miss the pepperoni. WebMD’s “Recipe Doctor,” Elaine Magee, knows where to slash calories without anyone noticing: “Cheesecake is a perfect example of an easy dish to lighten, because you can use a dusting of graham cracker or cookie crumbs instead of a crust made with 6 tablespoons of melted butter; [and use] reduced-fat ingredients like light cream cheese and egg substitute and a little less sugar,” she says. “Then you can heighten the flavor with lemon or lime zest for a dessert that is much lighter so you can enjoy a larger portion.”

8.    Get away from it all. How many times have you eaten lunch at your desk or in front of the TV, and then realized you didn’t taste a bite? “Our society doesn’t embrace eating and enjoying our food; we try and be productive at all times,” says Grotto. That’s why it’s so important to savor your splurge without distractions. And if you do so away from the kitchen, it’s harder to sneak in seconds.

9.    Eat what you love, in small portions. You can have it all, just not all in one day. No food is off-limits as long as you keep your portions reasonable. “Every day I satisfy my sweet tooth with a couple of bites of dark chocolate that I keep in the freezer so it melts slowly and satisfies my craving without consuming too many calories,” says Magee. 

10. Compromise. O’Neil lives in the South, where sweet iced tea is a popular drink. Instead of doing without when she goes out, she orders unsweetened iced tea with a dash of sweet tea on top. So if you think it’s not a picnic without your creamy chicken salad, enjoy it — but cut the calories by replacing half the mayonnaise with yogurt. “Compromises are an empowering thing,” says O’Neil.

11. Make small changes. Passionate about a nightly dessert? Enjoy every mouthful — but top it off with a walk around the block afterward. Addicted to a pizza slice and a cola for your daily lunch? Relish every bite — but enjoy them four days a week instead of five. Grotto and O’Neil agree that small steps can add up to big results, so find the changes that work best for you. “We almost have it built into us, hard-wired, the resistance to simple things,” says Grotto. “That’s why I think so many people fail on diets.”

12. Don’t let a little slip become a backslide.  It is almost impossible to be an “A” student when it comes to dieting. “Everyone slips up, and that is fine as long as you don’t let one slip turn into a backslide,” says Wansink. Whenever you slip up, take note of it, try to learn from it so you can anticipate it in the future, and get right back into your diet plan to avoid the temptation to throw in the towel.





Diets Rich in Fats Decrease Abdominal Fat

When someone asks me how I stay in shape, I tell them that I eat 5-7 meals per day.  That’s when I get the blank stare.  “And you look like that?!”.  I know it’s a hard concept to wrap your mind around but it’s true.  In order to lose bodyfat, you need to eat alot of good fats. These are known as EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids).  They stoke your metabolism, help build lean muscle mass (this is what we want ladies and gents!), sustain you, build your hormones and decrease abdominal fat.  Take the avocado as an EFA for example;  super rich in monounsaturated fat and provides 58% of your daily requirement for fats that you must get from diet.  You see, that burger and fries on your plate is loaded with fat too. Saturated fat that clogs arteries and is one of the main causes of heart disease but it’s definitely not going to give you the body you’ve been longing for now is it?

In a study published by the American Diabetes Association, particpants who ate a high carbohydrate diet tended to accumulate fat around the middle, while those who are a diet rich in foods with monounsaturated fat had a significant decrease in abdominal fat. 

I can give you another form of proof in this area.  I like to think of myself as a proverbial guinea pig and check things out on my own. That way, I can tell clients first hand if something works or not.  I followed a principal from Dr. John Berardi that states if you do nothing else but consume daily a good quality multi vitamin and 1 tsp of fish oil per pound of lean muscle mass (some minor math required here), you will drop bodyfat like a hot tamale.  For me, that equated to 6 tsp of fish oil per day (while consuming little to no other dietary fats in the diet).  After 2 weeks on this regime, I had to stop because I was getting too lean too quickly and I was starting to lose my pants!!!  No kidding!!  So, there you have it.  The proof is in the pudding.

If you want to start functioning better, have more energy and whittle your middle, you must incorporate EFA’s into your diet.  It simply is not another weight loss scam.  It’s just Healthy Body Nutriton setting it straight for you.  Glad to be apart of your world and even more grateful you are in mine.


Lots of love!


Wanting to Gain Muscle….continuation

During the couple years at the health food store, my knowledge increased exponentially, at least in my logical brain.  Remember back when I said I was a complete waif in high school?  Well, I met someone whom I later married and happily divorced who introduced me to anabolic steroids.  I wasn’t stupid in the sense that I took them blindly because I read every medical textbook on them, read and studied the monographs and I understood the implications but alas, I did them anyways.  We all think we are invincible and nothing would happen to us, right?  I felt AMAZING every single day.  I didn’t need much sleep, was very energetic, was never tired, had a super strong immune system (never got sick.period.) and needless to say, my workouts were stellar.  I gained muscle, therefore bodyweight, quickly and I loved the feeling.  The obvious problem was that my voice completely switched to a man’s.  I would go into a public washroom and the ladies in the stalls would hear me talking and start screaming “get outta here” because they thought there was a man in the restroom with them. Not a pretty picture.  Because of my stature, I was quite muscular but not a huge freak (thank the Lord Almighty for that one) and I had no other side effects but it did turn into 2 voice surgeries later and now, some years later, some problems associated with it.  WOW, I can’t believe I told all of that.  However, if I can educate others on going au naturel, then my mission is complete.  Let me back up by saying I did compete in my first bodybuilding show back then and it was certainly an accomplishment but now it’s several years later with a wiser, healther approach and never looking back.  I recently competed again, a year and a half ago in the figure category and had a blast doing it.  It’s so amazing to watch a human physique change into a beautiful, healthy well maintained lean machine up on stage.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Monday


Wanting to Gain Muscle.

When I was a kid, I was a complete waif.  I was so skinny… skinny was she?  yeah,….I was so skinny that when I stood in front of a mirror with legs pressing together, you could see right through them because of the gap making my chicken legs predominent.  I was 12 years old at the time and I was blessed (or cursed) with my father’s genetics.  Just entering grade 7, I decided to join the rowing team.  By peeking in the gym door after school, I could see the rowers pumping iron trying to make a weight class or just because the coach gave a good a** kickin’.  I was intrigued but not ready to take on a whoopin’ yet so I asked the coach if I could coxswain. First they said I was way too small and then they said I was too young.  I waited for a year to pass and went to the coach again.  After being told yet again that I was too small, he encouraged me to come into the weight room to lift with the male and female team members.   Needless to say, I was hooked.  I faithfully showed up to practice and by the end of the season, I put on 12 pounds of muscle.  Yay!! I was happy!!  No longer was I being called to the nurses office for fear I was anorexic (little did people know I actually had a ferocious appetite in this body) and I loved the way my body responded to the weights.

After a couple seasons on the high school rowing team, I was intrigued by nutrition and weight training and how marrying the two can have amazing benefits both on the inside of your body and the outside.  Picking up nutrition textbooks became my fascination as I tackled the business world of accounting in my career.  Although glad and grateful I have a business background which has helped and continues to help tremendously in my life, let’s face it, accounting is BORING and the thought of number crunching in a corner office somewhere kinda made me feel ill.  I got my feet wet in the health industry by working for a nutrition store.  My boss’ names were Donna and Tina and I am forever grateful to them for teaching me the ropes and setting a life of health and fitness on my path.  This is where I first learned many foundations in the basics of health.  FIRST DO NO HARM.  DO EVERYTHING FOR OTHERS WITH COMPASSION and TREAT THE CAUSE.  These are the top three “rules” I go by.  This is where my respect and love for others really does matter. 

I will continue this blog a little later.  I really haven’t shared myself as of yet but rather enveloped a teaching approach to the blog but I want to be more connected to my readers so they have the best of me! 

Look forward to having a super fab day!